It's not just about the distance.

Yep I'm talking about my relationship.

Some people may think I'm independent.
Well, it's another story when it comes to relationship.
I'm pretty much clingy and filled with random wild imaginations, I admit.
To summarize, it's overthinking.
Not sure if it's considered a fault that I've decided to commit into this long-distance.
Everything is easy to begin with, but difficult to maintain.

I'm not saying that there's a crack between us, no I didn't.
It's just that, we only see each other like, 4 or 5 times a year?
That doesn't feel any good.
You can't see what your partner is doing.
You can't share your food when you cannot finish.
You can't get the hugs when you need them so badly you ended up crying into sleep.
You can't feel every inch of your partner's emotions because everything is through the screen.

Even so, staying together everyday without life goals can be boring too.
Nevertheless, it's the sense of security I'm looking for.
Not that I don't feel safe without him, it's rather I'd like him to participate in my every life event.

As for my family, I'll make them accept him.
No matter how long it takes.
I really hope he will be my last, even though we're not each other's first.

Please let me brave through every single challenge that I face in this relationship...



Lil' things.

Excuse me that I don't really know how to express myself sometimes.
I'm just, bad at it.

All these while I've always loved to write.
Paper and pen would be better.
He knows it well, for I've handwritten to him before and he just loves my handwriting.
Earlier when his phone spoilt we both thought, how else could he reach me without any gadgets.
Then he's the one suggested to write letters, like the older days when smartphones weren't come in handy.
Yes dear, please write someday because I'd love to receive handwritten stuff and observe handwriting.
(Okay that's a weird habit of mine.)

So here goes.

Dear self,
Please be strong enough to brave through all challenges, but take care at the same time.

7 days left.



2K16, updates about myself.

Hey guys.
I wonder if anyone still follows my blog.
Btw, it's already a year apart from my last update so I'm gonna write something.

Notice that I've changed my background and some parts of the blog 8)
Because why not? :)

*Oh damn the moment when random YouTube ad plays in my playlist*

To be honest, it's been 15 days but I haven't get over Christina Grimmie's passing.
It's kinda, sad, in any cases.
Nevertheless, life moves on, and she's in a better place now.
#RIPChristina #TeamGrimmieRawwks

Okay back to my updates.
If you guys already know (or maybe not), I'm out of singlehood for now.
Say, close to 9 months already, and we both are doing good despite it's a long distance.

As for studies, I'm entering my junior year in September, which is pretty fast.
2 years in university but I didn't really contribute much time, unfortunately.
Final year project will be up in the coming semester and it's time to kick ass.
Seriously, why am I still stuck with at least 18 out of 21 credit units per semester? *Tired*

Cosplay wise, you can see that I'm slowing down, mainly due to studies.
Nevertheless, I'm not too outdated from the circle just yet.
Still glad to see friends from my generation when I attend events.
If you're curious, you may check out the sidebar to see which events I'll be attending.

Maybe that's it for now.
And it's my semester break, if you wonder why I'm still up at this hour.

Peace out,



New year, new beginning.
Can't believe I'm turning 21.

New year resolutions?
Better not.
As I won't keep any till the end of the year, except for continue doing things I love.




Have you ever felt that devastated before...?
Crying till your heart felt weak...
Tears ran all over your face...
Gasping for breath...
Feeling lost...

Being optimistic is my priority when it comes to solving other people's problem.
When it turns out to be my problem, I can't.
Not even optimistic.
Not even braining properly to solve everything peacefully.

Life is long, lessons to be learnt.
I'm never letting my guard down, not even for once more.
20 years of life, never stopped let parents worrying.
Treating buddies like my life depends on them, ignoring family.
Rather go home late than answering parents' calls.
I guess, I'm just being too ignorant, negligent and rebellent all these while.




Frusts came tackling.

After I get my laptop done, I might have a blog makeover again.
This time, to remove all backlogs or store them to some other places, then rewrite.
Will be considering the design makeover as well.
Hmm, might turn this into a cosplay blog maybe?
If I keep this blog the way it was, I'll be piling up posts.
Decision time again.

Just when sometimes I thought I should do things according to my instincts, all fail.
Cannot brain.
Like yesterday I drifted my car while driving fast on a rainy day at the roundabout.
I didn't even know what was I thinking.
Same goes to that person I care most...

Just hope that everything will be fine tomorrow.



Back for a bit.

I've been abandoning this blog like forever lol.

Up next this weekend is Cosplay Invasion 3 in Penang Times Square.
Looking forward to meet stayxxxx and Onnies again after CF. :)

Think I'll let this place continue to rot till I get my laptop formatted.



Once in a while, I need to tell the world.

I've finally finished my 3rd semester papers.
Still, 1 more retake paper to work on.
Let the adrenaline pump.

Another 33 days to travel, which is quite fast.
It's like I've yet to receive 5 parcels for the event and haven't finish shopping.
Well, maybe people don't even know a thing.
Let me tell you, nothing is easy.
Not even playing a guitar.

For one to pick up a hobby, it requires time, effort, probably an amount of money.
How much, it depends.
A 3-digit figure has been spend just for me to attend this event.
Sounds pro, but no.
If you know what is all for, you might say I spend a lot on unnecessary things.
Well no one is to be judged for the things they do, so don't judge me before you make me start judging you.

Soon after majors I'll be working part time.
At least to earn some pocket money for myself while I'm down in KL.
Do come and spot me?
I've told quite many people where I'm working.

Till my next update.



October update.

In the middle of trials.
Tomorrow is the final day so yeah, slight relief of the hectic syllabus.

A highlight of my plan after my majors: Attending Comic Fiesta 2013.
Just in case you don't know, the tickets are almost sold out just only a few days of release.
Gladly I managed to get mine one month earlier all thanks to my buddy. :)

Travelling in 73 days.



Liebster Blog Award

-Will be making my own Liebster logo because I don't feel like stealing pictures for this.-

Should have written this post quite some time ago.
Anyway thanks to Wan Chi and Zelyn for nominating :)

Starting off this post with a very formal introduction.
The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The meaning ; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.
I guess less than 200 followers is the only criteria I've fulfilled...?

Let's move on to the rules upon your nomination:
1. Post 11 random facts about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you
3. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award and link them in your post
4. Create 11 questions of your own for them
5. No tag backs, means you cannot tag the person who nominated you.

Here's a not-so-recent picture of myself because the other pictures don't look as good as this one.

11 random facts about Alice Rawkxz
1. I love the colour blue, any shades will do. This is also why I love the sky and the ocean (or pool).
2. I'm a righty but have a more powerful left hand. (That's why I suffer much during injection.)
3. I have a sweet tooth, preferably chocolate and candies.
4. I mix with my juniors better than my classmates, it's not saying that I'm not close with my classmates but I just have no idea why.
5. I'm 158cm tall. For once I aimed to grow up to 160cm but as I hit my age limit I acknowledge that it's no longer possible (even though it's 2cm apart).
6. I'm an Aries and I believe in the horoscope.
7. I'm very picky in certain types of food, for example chilli, eggs and fish.
8. I started stepping into pubs at the age of 7, drinking alcohol at the age of 9 (but that doesn't mean I'm alcoholic) and playing table pool (which many people mistake it as snooker) at the age of 10, all thanks to my dad.
9. I love music and sports. In music I play guitar and drums; in sports I'm currently doing Taekwondo, at random times I play basketball and swim.
10. I love to travel. If I'm given enough budget, I'll travel at least once a week.
11. I'm the eldest among cousins of the same age despite I was born in April.

Since I'm nominated by 2 people, I receive 2 sets of different questions.
Here's my answers to Chi's questions.

1. What's your favourite book?
A: To be frank I seldom read. However "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by John Gray is one of my pick.

2. If you had one day left to live, what would you do?
A: I would meet up with a few very close buddies and do crazy stuff. Even it's the last day of life, I hope it's memorable and that I'm enjoying till the last minute.

3. Describe your ideal boyfriend.
A: Physically, he has to be at least my brother's height (166cm), fit and involved in certain sports. Personality wise, caring and humorous at the same time, but most importantly be loyal and honest in relationship.

4. How would you describe the way you dress?
A: Casual. I'm often seen in T-shirt / tank top and denim shorts / beach pants.

5. What do you do when you are sad?
A: Most of the times I'll call up my best friend (whom everyone knows, my "daughter") and have a long conversation, usually at least 1 hour. At times I'll just listen to emo songs or rant on Twitter.

6. Where is your favourite place to go?
A: If it's in school, definitely the basketball court and stadium. Malls wise, top preference will be Gurney Plaza (including Gurney Paragon).

7. What phone are you using?
A: HTC Sensation XE and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini.

8. What are you obsessed with?
A: Elecoldxhot, anything blue, denim, camouflage, pastel, punk.

9. Who do you look up to and why?
A: First person will be my dad, he's my greatest inspiration and motivation in life. Second person is Master Aloysius Montano, my head Taekwondo instructor. The reason I look up to him is he has always been a humble person despite all his great achievements, and many of us including myself treat him as our dad other than our blood-tied father. :)

10. Favourite movie and character from the movie.
A: This is more awkward than asking me to list my favourite book because I rarely step into the cinemas. If I have to pick one, it'll be Titanic and the main character Jack.

11. What can't you stand?
A: I can't stand people who're not punctual and bossy. Matter wise, I can't stand untidy handwriting.

Next, questions by Zelyn.

1. 1 favourite memory.
A: That's a tough pick. To me every memory is precious. The most recent one will be going on a private date with my best friend (a.k.a my daughter).

2. 2 favourite clothing shops.
A: H&M, SubZero. I like the others but these appear to be my top 2.

3. 3 things you would want to do before you die.
A: Travel around the world with buddies, living with my besties, adopt a Husky.

4. 4 favourite people.
A: Choosing only 4 is a pain. Here goes: Master Aloysius Montano, Sora, Zoe Sheen, Hui Teng.

5. 5 places you would like to go.
A: (In random order) Paris, Dubai, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland. Actually there are more places I would love to explore.

6. 6 ideal houses.
A: Hmm, instead of 6 ideal houses I would change it to 6 particulars of my ideal house, provided I have enough budget to do so. #1, a swimming pool; #2, a sound-proof room to place my musical instruments (a.k.a music room); #3, huge glass panes; #4, an underground garage (which sounds ambitious); #5, a fashion corner (or room) where I store my clothes, nail polishes and accessories; #6, a fitness corner.

7. 7 reasons why you started blogging.
A: Guess I can't think of that many reasons D: Anyway, I started blogging around 2009, just to express my feelings through words; or rather I would say, to find a place for me to rant. Strange fact is that, I wasn't inspired by anyone to start blogging during that time.

8. 8 favourite Youtubers.
A: cutepolish, MissJenFabulous, KurtHugoSchneider, WongFuProductions, JinnyboyTV, nigahiga, 4JCBrothers, kaotsun.

9. Describe yourself in 9 words.
A: I rock my own world in my own way.

10. Starbucks or Coffee Bean?
A: Definitely Starbucks, if you know me. :)

11. Are you satisfied with what you have and who you are? If yes, why? If no, why?
A: 80:20. Considering myself living better than the people in African countries, I'm satisfied. Everyone is different in their own ways, no one is to be judged. Being the special one and only me, it's good enough. All that's left is to push myself harder to be a better me, that's why the 20% is there.

Next up, 11 bloggers I nominate. This is tough too as not many friends blog nowadays, it's all over Facebook.

Alright bloggers, here goes the 11 questions:
1. List some of your favourite cosmetic brands.
2. What is your favourite type of shoes?
3. Any favourite colour(s) in particular?
4. Describe your best friend.
5. What / Who inspires you to blog?
6. Talk about your ideal hairstyles and/or hair colour.
7. What comes through your mind when I say "denim"?
8. DSLR or Polaroid?
9. Favourite (online) fashion stores.
10. If you could go back to the past, is there anything you would want to change and why?
11. If you have a chance to meet one famous person, who will that person be and why?

Looking forward to your replies! :)

*Nominations to be updated.*

Peace out,